Analog, Mixed Signal & Technology Foundation

  • We have strong experts team in Analog, Mixed Signal and Technology Foundation-IPs.
  • We have successfully delivered turnkey projects in Analog (Op-Amps, Charge-pumps etc.), Mixed Signal (DDR-IO, ADC, DAC, PLLs etc.), Memories and Std Cell Libraries for various customers.
  • We have expertise working with multiple fabs like TSMC, Samsung, Intel, GF, UMC etc and various technology nodes ranging from 350nm Bi-CMOS to 5nm FINFETs

Analog, Mixed Signal and RF – Design, Verification & Layout

  • Analog Circuit Design
  • Analog Design Verification – Simulation based
  • Analog and Mixed Signal Modelling (AMS-Modelling)
  • Analog and Mixed Signal Verification (AMS-Verification)
  • Analog and Digital Co-Simulation
  • Layout Design – Analog, Mixed Signal, RF, Custom-Digital etc.
  • Post Layout – Extraction, Simulation and Layout/Circuit fixes.
  • Physical Verification (DRC, LVS, ERC, Latch-up, Soft-Conn, DFM etc.) 

Memory – Design, Characterization, Validation and Layout for all below types:

  • SRAM – Memory Instances
  • SRAM – Memory Compilers
  • Cache Memories

Standard Cell Library – Design, Layout, Char, Lib-QC, LEF, Tech-LEF and PD-Validation for:

  • High Performance Libraries – Multi-VT, Multi-Channel (10-Track Libs and above)
  • High Density Libraries – Multi-VT, Multi-Channel (8 and 9 Track Libs)
  • Ultra High Density Libraries – Multi-VT, Multi-Channel (6, 7 and 7.5 -Track Libs)