Digital - Frontend & Backend

RTL Design & Verification

  • We support Spec to Netlist for IP development and SoC development on ASIC or FPGA.
  • Expertise in various IP development projects on Hardware-Accelerators, MIPI, Wireless protocols, USB, PCIE, DDR, Audio & Video Codecs etc.
  • Our team has worked in SoC development for Consumer, Automotive and Aerospace (DO-254 standards) applications.

Digital Design:

  • Micro Architecture & RTL Development
  • Low power design implementation
  • SOC/Subsystem integration
  • RTL QC Checks like LINT, CDC
  • Timing Constraints, Synthesis,  STA, LEC
  • UPF, CLP

Digital Verification:

IP Verification & Validation

  • Test feature extraction and test plan creation
  • Functional coverage matrix to get maximum cross-functional verification
  • Complete Verification Environment built up from scratch

Multicore SoC Verification

  • SoC level verification and expertise in System Architecture to take up SoC verification 
  • Expertise in various processors from RISC based, DSP & Crypto processor cores
  • Experience in various complex Protocols and Standards such as USB, Ethernet, PCIE, Wireless, DO-254 
  • Experience in Power architecture and UPF flow simulation.


  • GLS flow setup with different tools and debug.
  • X propagation clean up and debug
  • Gate Level Simulation sign-off

DFT – Design for Testability

  • DFT Implementation – Test Pin-Muxing, SCAN Insertion, LBIST Insertion, Compression
  • Logic Insertion, Boundary Scan Insertion, Memory BIST insertion and IOs.
  • Automatic Test Pattern Generation (ATPG), ATPG verification.
  • DFT simulations and timing for SCAN, Boundary SCAN, MBIST & LBIST modes.

Physical Design, Verification and Sign Off:

  • We have expertise in taking full ownership of RTL to GDS for Block Level or Top Level. 
  • We have three successful Tape Outs with full ownership where we built the entire Back End flow and delivered from Netlist to GDSII. One project was delivered in turnkey mode for a China client. 
  • Our Physical Design team has expertise in technology process nodes from 7nm FINFETs to 350nm BCDMOS. 


  • Setting up the synthesis flow
  • Verifying constraints
  • Different logic/timing/power optimization techniques

Static Timing Analysis (STA)

  • Setting up the STA flow
  • Develop timing constraints and exceptions
  • Timing Analysis for multi modes & multi corners
  • Timing ECOs using TSO or manual for timing critical paths

Physical Design & Verification

  • Setting up the Physical Design Flow
  • Floor Planning at Top Level & Block Level
  • Power Planning at Top Level & Block Level
  • Placement and optimization
  • Clock Tree Synthesis (CTS)
  • Routing and optimization

Logic Equivalence Check (LEC)

  • Setting up the LEC flow for both functional and CLP
  • Develop constraints
  • Analysis & Debug 

Sign Off:

  • Power Integrity (Power EM and IR-Drop)
  • Signal Integrity (Sig EM, IR-Drop and Noise)
  • Physical Verification (DRC, LVS, ERC, Customer Specific Checks)

FPGA Emulation and Prototyping

  • Providing prototyping services for early software development and high-performance system validation
  • Setting up the configurations and environment settings for emulation platforms
  • Bringing up software on emulated full-chip SoC model with expertise in debugging and validation of software-hardware interaction
  • Analysis and validation of design’s power and performance targets